I was really nervous of this one. The prior 3 weeks I had run 3 times only, and my calf muscle had complained bitterly every time.

This was my eighth GP race and if I won it then it would be 8 races and 8 wins in my age cat 55- 59.

My nearest rival Malc Roberts of St Austell RC could still mathematically draw with me if he beat me here due to the bizarre points system, even though I?ve beaten him in every race this season.

Now then, I?m not a religious person but when Doug Alsop from St Austell RC told me that Malc was not running today because of injury, I think he may have possibly noticed by my little jig that I was slightly… well.. CHUFFED!

Sorry Malc, get well soon.

And so I lined up at the start but still apprehensive that I could make it the whole distance with my calf muscle concern
The starter made an announcement on his PA that no earphones were to be worn? Well at least that?s what I think he said because I had AC/DC banging away in my ears at the time.

I started at a conservative pace with Sam H and Tim D disappearing into the distance. Jason W not too far ahead with myself, Mark O and Andrew H swapping and chopping over the first 2 miles.

Mark made me laugh as we went under the dual carriageway bridge. A marshal shouted ?STRAIGHT ON UP?

He said to me that?s 2 words that put the fear of God into him. I said that?s 3 words!? The conversation did go on from there but I can?t be arsed.

Keep taking the pills Mark!

I had a plan on my mile times which went out of the window at about 1 mile! I re adjusted things to take into account that at 4 and a half miles my intended mile splits of between 6 and 6.30 min miling was going to drop to 8 or worse.

Oh yeah. This was the hill of hell! Got to be the worst in the GP series? For those of you who know Paul Hill in Newlyn well double it? Dunno maybe it?s the same but when you at race pace it seems like double?

At least when you get to the top you know it?s all plain sailing ho ho
Mile 6 and Andrew H comes up onto my shoulder. Excellent run from him I thought and he pulled out a small lead. My head was saying let him go, does it matter, he?s not in my age cat but I decided to close the gap again.

Half mile left and he pulls out another gap. Same thing crossed my mind, but nope! I close the gap again.

400 metres left and I?ve really got to make a decision. Do I let him beat me for the first time cuz it?s not vitally important or do I make him work harder in the next race and make him a better runner?!
Oh cobblers do you really think all that is going through my head 400 metres from the finish!

I sprinted and beat him but bloody good improvement over last 12 months for him.

So yes I?ve won the 2009 male 55 to 59 age cat Cornish GP trophy. 8 races 8 wins and 8 course PB?s of which 2 were lifetime PB?s
Retirement beckons?

Pretty good turnout for MBH considering the distance. 20 runners?

Fantastic performances from Sam Hill and Tim Drew 5th and 6th overall. Jason Walker excellent in 22nd overall. And with myself Andrew H and Mark O contributing to 3rd overall male team prize.

Sam Hill also got overall 3rd under 40 male prize and keeping it in the family, his mum Nancy got 2nd female over 40 age cat.

Keep on running Geoff

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