Trevornick 10 miler – Sunday 9 May

Who's the imposter? Your flag is now under threat of attack!
Who's the imposter? Your flag is now under threat of attack!

Well…………….interesting! I didn’t intend on doing this race at all, I’m personally not a big fan of ‘off road’ races due to having really week ankles and turning them even a little hurts like hell. Having realised that 70.3 is now only 6 weeks away and I’ve done very little cycling I hatched a plan to cycle the 32 miles to Holywell Bay and cheer on the MBH contingent as my legs were still feeling a bit tired after London.
I gave myself a good 2 hours to get there but I didn’t take account of the ‘in yer face’ wind all the way from Penzance and arrived with only moments to spare, meeting up with the others inside registration we had a number spare! (that’s gonna cost you Mr Boucher!) and having packed my shirt, vest and trainers I thought why not – I’ll just trot around to get the T shirt (my original plan was to watch the start, do a gentle 5, and get back for the finish)
Lining up I sort of felt kind of itchy to get going, I haven’t felt that in a long time (since Jamie put that powder in my shorts!) and still really peeved at not hitting that 3.15 at London –
A quick blast of the hooter and off we went…………….

The first mile or so was very deceptive as it seemed to weeve it’s way through the holiday park on nice grass tracks that had been cut to follow the course but soon it was out onto the coastal path / dunes, even so I felt OK, catching Ricky Hitchens from Newquay, who shouted a warning – something like ‘be careful, save some as it’ll bite you in the ass in a minute!
Then…….hill after hill, some big, some small, but you always had to keep an eye on the floor because of all the rabbit holes and the strange camber you had to run at.
Over a narrow bridge presented a massive steep incline, where even ‘close to front’ runners were having to walk. Along the cliff paths and down onto the beach! yes sandy beach, even with a couple of rivers to jump / run through (I did my best to jump ’em as had a new pair of trainers on)
on the 7 mile point I managed to catch Anthony Burrows and Craig from HRR and congratulated them again on their London times, next was Doug from St Austell – all 3 had done sub 3.15 at London – I obviously hadn’t pushed myself hard enough in the capital! The last 2 miles were spent chasing my old school buddy Jimmy (also from Hayle, how’d he end up in the AG below me?!?) but to no avail as he came into the finish about 50 metres ahead.
I thought the finish came up pretty unexpected but was a greatful sight. Lots of Powerade to be had at the finish and a nice red T shirt – One hiccup however was unfortunately the marshals at the end of the race decided to go walkabout apparently, so poor Mr Toher, who was leading, carried on when he should have been directed to turn left!! giving Pete Ellis his second win in 2 weeks in 1.00.24 – bad luck Kevin!
So how’d we do? ?there were a total of 313 finishers
Fantastic runs from everyone on very hard and difficult technical course –
Clive running in his first race as a 65 year old (now officially a full time athlete) came an impressive 2nd in his age group with Dave Austin 3rd,?the ever improving Mhairi is going from strength to strength and overhauled Rachel (6th in AG) to take the under 35 4th place, and of course Nancy who, once again, ran a great race to finish 2nd female vet over 40 (only 4 seconds behind winner Sharon Daw) Thea Barlow, suffering with a calf injury, an amazing 5th in AG, Laura Shaw 4th and Liz Prady 7th in AG

35 1:12:37 MATTHEWS, Ian

46 1:13:55 PERKIN, Sam

47 1:13:56 SAVAGE, Rich

55 1:14:31 HILL, Nancy

58 1:14:40 HOLDEN, Charlie

77 1:16:39 RICHARDS, Steven (PB)

79 1:16:53 SAVILLE, Mhairi

92 1:17:44 TRESIDDER, Rachel

115 1:22:16 HOOPER, Paul

141 1:25:35 KANE, Duncan

151 1:26:55 ANGOVE, Paul

169 1:28:51 HIBBERT, Clive

175 1:29:15 AUSTIN, David

176 1:29:27 BARLOW, Thea

182 1:30:42 MCNEVIN, Philip

203 1:34:06 SQUIRE, Mark

211 1:34:27 SHAW, Laura

219 1:35:28 CLARKE, Joanne

247 1:40:12 PRADY, Liz

273 1:47:57 SQUIRE, Helen

Download full results HERE

Next GP race Cubert 5 TUESDAY 8 JUNE – but don’t forget our aquathlons kicking off at The Jubilee Pool – the first of the 5 on SATURDAY 29 MAY

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