Wonderful weather for a wonderful race.

Perhaps not for the faint-hearted as there are rivers and rabbit holes, cliffs and caverns, beaches and brooks plus fantastic scenery. I personally went down one rabbit hole but I feel sure I wasn’t the only one!

The trouble was that you couldn’t run too close to the person in front as you needed a clear sight of the ground ahead.

I arrived well early, but, as ever, Sam P had beaten me and already obtained his number. I collected the remainder and gave them out.

As I walked towards the start, Liz Prady pointed out that I didn’t have a number on! Sh*t, I’d left it in my car and had to sprint in the opposite direction from start to get it, before then sprinting back to the start line about half a mile away. What a prat! Thanks Liz.

Not the best warm up jog and stretch I’ve ever done before a race!!! I had my 10 mile earphones on. Don’t normally wear sounds, but… 10 miles… needed something to take my mind off the the potential agony.
So off we all hurtled as the flag dropped.

Actually no. I didn’t for once. I was very conservative in my start.
My aim was to beat Malc Roberts of St Austell RC. And I didn’t careless where anyone else finished providing they weren’t in my age group.

We were never more than about 20 metres apart up until 8 and a half miles at which point I decided to push and ended up building a lead of 200 to 300 metres, which I gradually increased till the finishing line.
The flag waving St Austell fans were very useful to have around as everytime I approached a bunch of them I could hear them shouting “come on Malc” so I knew he wasn’t too far behind!

I finished 1st in my over 55 age cat (hate admitting that) and 16th overall.

Rachel Tressider was 3rd under 35 year old female. Excellent.
Alistair Stephens did a damn good time to finish 31st overall out of 274 runners and looks like he out sprinted his brother Jer from Hayle Runners?!

Liz P and new member Tim B were only seconds apart at the finish line.

And Sam perkin finished first in the Sam Perkin category.

Roll on some shorter GP races from now on.

Heads up Summers coming.

Geoff Letchford

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