First day of Spring and, yes it did seem like it. Sunshine and a cooling on shore breeze.

Newquay RR kindly agreed to guiding Andrew H, Rachel T and myself around this wonderfully scenic 10 mile route.

Along with about 15 or so from NewquayRR we set off over soft springy running ground. Fantastic. Cliff path, beach, mud patches, rivers and quicksand!!

The views were stupendous and the company good.

Sue Ogilvy from Newquay gave us a little run down on the route before we set off and then for the next 2 hours I was just amazed at the diversity of the route.

The course seems to be a complicated series of figure 8s on top of more loops and figures of eight?! I dunno? I lost track at around mile 6 and if i was asked to run it again by myself I couldn’t.

There are apparently 43 marshalls lined up for this. And i reckon they’re going to be invaluable!

Watch out for lots of rabbit holes. And don’t be tempted to glance up at the scenery unless you stop.

There really was some quicksand in the river crossing, well very deep soft silt to the point that it caught out Lesely Dobson from Newquay.
She almost went in along with one or two others, so be warned when you get to it and try and skirt around it on the rocks.

Horrendously steep climbs in places. The worst 3 that I can remember are at about mile 3 on a concrete road. About a 1:4 for about 600 metres. Then the real long one of about say 1000 metres at mile 5 or 6 on sand dunes covered in grass. I guess averaging about 1:6 and finally at 8 and a half miles there is a very cruel short sharp shock of a climb of about 300 metres up another grass covered dune but in places its steeper then 1:3! and that believe me is steep. Lots of other lesser hills too, not to mention Second World War mines. Ok I made that bit up. They were 1st World War.

It’s going to be a tough one that’s for sure but its well worth it for the scenery. Keep an eye out for the seals too.

I’m confident that I’m going to win this race overall because everyone alse is going to be looking at the scenery, and I’m going to be looking at my feet.

Thanks to Newquay RR for a great morning.

Geoff Letchford

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