Truro Half Marathon 2009

I used to like this race ? perhaps it was the fond memories of ?the old course? and not the pain and harshness of the new course introduced a few years ago that persuaded me to enter. Nah it wasn?t that, it was a) I needed this as one of the 8 races for the GP and b) I needed to know I could get around 13 miles after months of not being able to run through knee, leg and hip problems because I had entered EDF Energy Birmingham Half on October 11, I was looking to go under 1.45, not fast I know, but with no or very little training I?d be happy with that.

This race was definitely not a PB course (Chris Bundy would prove us wrong on that one!) and the hills are horrendous ? for me I love the up hills, it was the down hills that would cause me problems.

I picked Clive and Tammy up bright and early, Sue had decided she didn?t want to face the hills (she doesn?t need this race for the GP) so was going to do her own little run (12 miler) on her own, much to my surprise the car park was empty, and at ?1.20 for all day as opposed per hour I didn?t really care.

The weather looked perfect, dry, very little breeze, but a slight nip in the air.

We ambled over to the Plaza where registration was positioned, collected our numbers and timing chips – I decided to take Charlies place as he was unable to run, and soon the now wellknown band of MBH runners started turning up. Trina had decided this race would be the furthest she had ever run ? previous to this she had only ever run 10 miles max (must be mad), Rachel was returning from injury, Tim had decided to try out this longer distance as he?d been putting in a lot of training and hoping to work with Mike R to create a good start to any team place we may be able to secure. Christine and Tim Bundy had travelled down from nearly Devon, Andrew H was looking for another improved time Phil Mc, (again coming back from injury following a bike crfash) Jer and Tammy were, like me, also using this as prep for Birmingham and Nancy, Steve R and Sam P prep for Eden. Rob B also made the startline and Paul A, who should hopefully soon make the Thursday sessions as he has no excuse now the cricket season has finished!

The startline!! A celebrity visit by Betty Stoggs (a man dressed as a woman), who actually started us all off, had Jer reciting the well known The Surgeons song, including the lyric ?Ginger Tosser? that nearly got us a kick in the nether regions as behind us stood the biggest red headed miner I think I?ve ever seen, but I think Jer really did us proud when he shouted to Betty ?show us your ****!!!? The gun went and we were off ? a couple of leisurely laps of the city and then it begins! Hill after hill after hill, up, down, up, down,

I caught and managed to overtake Steve R. Sam P goes well down but you need to work on the ups Sam!

As I said, I personally seem to go well up and power past lots of runners only to be caught and overtaken coming down the otherside ? the first 6 miles went to plan, no pain, I felt quite good even if I was hot, wet and sweaty, I knew I was slower than usual as there were a different array of faces around me, mile 8 and the hip decided to let me know things still aren?t quite right (knee was fine for a change) I had a plan, in my shorts I had wrapped a ibuprofen pill ready for just this happening, I was hanging on for a water station but thinking it would take about 20 minutes to get into my system decided to take with a gel I had, I ripped off the top of the Go gel and then with the other hand got the red ibuprofen bead in the other ? both hands to mouth and bugger me the pill shot out from between my fingers and hit the runner beside me! I looked over and smiled apologetically, swearing under my breath, as I was sure he thought I had just picked my nose and flicked at him. So the pain remained to the finish.

Down to the fjord and now was the killer up hill ?my legs were a little more tired here but in front I could make out Rachel, who decided to start walking! and Nancy just in front of her (still going strong), I sped up to encourage Rachel to dig deep, but she couldn?t hear me as ipod was blasting (that?ll stop soon!)

Knackered, gasping for breath, who should be at the top of the hill?!? Only the long lost Janet Chapple ? it was great to see you! When are you coming back?

The last sponges coming up, great I could do with a cool down ? what the? Water shortage was there? It was nearly bone dry! I hear I was not the only one who found this ? so what happened here?

Under the bridge and into the last mile ? I knew I was going to make it! I didn?t care now as probably 5 or 6 runners obviously had the racing head on as they flew past.

I heard my name mentioned on the tannoy and that I was the 100th runner as I came into the finish ? I looked at my watch and just under 1.42 so goal achieved even tho it was 5 minutes slower than last year.

So what was in the goody back ? a bottle of Betty Stoggs, bottle of water, couple of choccie bars, banana, orange carton and a nice technical short sleeve shirt, that is unmistakeably from Truro Half

The other MBHers were either milling around, cheering everyone else on or still finishing ? fantastic performance from all, but special mention to Tim D who finished 5th, Mike R 9th, Nancy for 3rd in her AG and Clive also a 3rd in AG, Christine Bundy a new PB (faster than IQ! How?d you manage that?) Trina, who finished strong considering it was her furthest run ever ? even tho? her bum cheeks appeared stuck together with inedible left over jelly babies!

1:20:03 DREW, Tim
1:23:45 ROBINSON, Michael
1:32:52 HICKSON, Andrew
1:35:44 MARSTON, Jeremy
1:40:57 HILL, Nancy
1:41:45 MATTHEWS, Ian
1:42:06 TRESIDDER, Rachel
1:44:39 RICHARDS, Steven
1:44:58 PERKIN, Sam
1:53:08 ANGOVE, Paul
1:53:26 HIBBERT, Clive
1:59:22 MCNEVIN, Philip
2:03:29 ROSEWALL, Tammy
2:06:17 BURROWS, Robert
2:11:31 PETERS, Trina
2:27:08 BUNDY, Christine
2:29:06 BUNDY, Tim

Thanks to my mum for knocking up an apple cake and to Phil Mc for the rice crispy cakes post race refreshment.

On returning to Penzance it was free swimming at Jubilee Pool, so with my hip paining away I thought it a good idea to go in for a dip, Sue (who did her 12), Tammy and myself went in ? it was great once you got in and certainly felt great on my legs, but my bloody hip is still giving it gip.

As a final point, it the Cornwall Road Running AGM tomorrow (Monday 21 Sep) and there is a proposal to increase GP ladies team from 4 athletes to 6 (same as men) and the banning of Ipods / headphones at races.

Yvonne and I have given our apologies as we are both unable to attend but we have voted by e mail.

MBH have voted in favour of ipod / headphone ban but against the ladies team change as we feel that although we have many female members, it is not possible to always get 6 to a race and it would prevent us from entering a team in many events.

If you are reading this report and not a member of MBH, please let your club rep know which way you would like him to vote tomorrow!!

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