Truro Half Marathon – Sunday 19th September

truro-halfA big turn out from the MBH crew – 27 of us altogether for this the new half marathon course, and what a much nicer route than the previous one! Mind you, I was a little concerned about running around Tesco’s so close to start as it may have bottle necked, Mark O warned us all about the block paving as it was a bit iggley piggly, but from where I was in the pack it seemed ok. Myself and Carol Randall did have to elbow?our way past a couple of runners at this point. As we hit the gravel track after that little nip we caught sight of Nancy H, it took us until the first hill to catch her up and get along side her and there I stayed until five and a half.

Now at that first water stop at the top of the hill I decided to pour some water down the back of my neck to cool down a little. One of the girls who was handing cups of water saw this and took it upon herself to throw a cup of water right in face, which did wake me up I must add, so thank you to her!

Just after we weaved?our way through Playing Place and on towards Bissoe where we had that long sweeping down hill which is where I burnt out – no wonder seeing how much I’ve done recently -?so I told Nancy and Carol that I’d pushed them as far as I could and I’ll see them at the end, and I pulled right back. My calves felt like blocks of wood, so at the next water stop I pulled up and walked, funnily enough I chatted to quite a few people. My friend Nick who I’m trying to get to join MBH ran past me along with Paul Angove. He tried to get me running but I wasn’t having it! Me wheels had fallen off!

Then the mighty Swiss ran past looking quite strong? followed by?David Austin just before the hill at eight, I didn’t care to be honest!

Another sponge stop at the bottom, so again I took advantage of this by throwing one at Juliet Knowles completely missing her and hitting her husband in the face instead ……………..oops!

I plodded on up that hill and actually overtook Mr Austin and just when you thought that hill was over it turned and went up some more. Oh I was in pain!? A little bit undulating back to Playing Place but at least it was mainly downhill, Phew!

Back down the first hill which I struggled on, then at?two miles to go another friend, Alan Thomas ran past me which seemed to give me a second wind. The legs had started turning again, and I began to take back some of the places that I’d lost and I chased after Helen Thomas from Carn around Tesco’s but I had nothing in the legs for a sprint so she beat me!

The only time I wasn’t impressed with this race was when I crossed the line to find that Swiss wasn’t looking too good. Sat down just behind the finish line, it sounded to me as though he’d overheated due to lack of drinking which we’ve all done at some point, but then he started shivering. As i’ve been in similar states to this before I asked the St. Johns Ambulance chap to take his temperature and if he had any blankets to stop him getting too cold and he blanked me. I asked two or three times and was blanked again!

Zoe Mason shot off and got Swiss his stuff and helped him out of his wet running gear and still the St.johns Ambulance faffed! I was not impressed!

Andrew H, and Richard S stuck round and kept an eye on him along with Zoe who blinking drunk all of my recovery drink -?a double chocolate fudge extra thick milk shake!

Flipping Tart!

But, when they did manage to wrap him up in a blanket it gave me a wonderful photo opportunity. Arrrrrrr Swiss!

My only question is……… what the hell have they wrapped up in that silver blanket?

Sick as a Parrot
Sick as a Parrot
Oven Ready Swiss
Oven Ready Swiss

520 Jackie Stone 2.20.05

503 Chris Trewhella 2.16.40

480 Sue Mathews 2.12.39

475 Robert Burrows 2.11.36

463 Yvonne Watkins 2.09.59

455 Helen Squire 2.09.10

407 David Marston 2.04.52

401 Mark Squire 2.04.09

352 Joanne Clark 1.59.22

349 Duncan Kane 1.59.14

330 Zoe Mason 1.57.49

322 Thea Barlow 1.57.13

304 David Austin 1.55.47

273 Tammy Rosewall 1.53.17

246 Captain Chaos 1.50.56

241 Hanna Tunstall Behrens 1.50.35

212 Swiss 1.47.36

211 Paul Angove 1.47.23

164 Peter Simms 1.42.52

157 Carol Randall 1.42.25

142 Steve Richards 1.40.52

121 Nancy Hill 1.38.31

114 Mark Omori 1.37.51

63 Rachel Trisidder 1.31.37

57 Mhairi Saville 1.31.08

40 Jeremy Marston 1.29.16

21 Rich Savage 1.24.49

If you’re wondering why I’ve done it in reverse order take it up with Helen Squire!

Also I’ll be up dating the Marathon Hall of Fame this weekend so if you haven’t given me your times …..Tough!

Full results HERE

Sam Perkin

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