Twas a grand day out Grommit! Plimuff aff 2011

imgp0274Woh, an early, early start (Don?t Plymouth Half Marathon realise that I need my beauty sleep, more so than most!) so it was a 5.30am departure in the MBH minibus for 16 MBHers ? we were meeting another half a dozen in Plymouth.

Mrs M, Mhairi and Jess Turton had decided not to run, and here?s hoping they have a speedy recovery.

A couple of the madder ones had done our aquathlon the evening before (Swiss and I), but that was a short sharp sprinty affair and not 13 miles of torture!

The weather was windy with a mizzly rain / mist every so often.

Arriving at the car park, talk was of the new start, now in the city centre and not on the Hoe and the commentator kept remarking how this would be a fast course (what with that bloody Saltram Park hill still in it, you?re joking)

We mustered all the troops we could find for a quick photo (and grabbed in a few prospective newbys, no pun intended, Kate being one of them and Karen’s daughter and boyfriend) and it was a 10 minute walk to the start, as I say, on the main city street.

I bumped into a few familiar faces and wished them good luck ? Mike Dowrick, Anthony Burrows, Paul and Caroline Chesterfield – but couldn?t see Mrs Make-up! Where was she hiding?

I could see the 1.30 pacer just behind me, dream on Ian, not this years Plymouth Half, I thought I?d just see how long I could hang on –

About 10 minutes late, 8.40am the gun went off and we headed out towards the Pavilions, back again past where we had just started and then picked up the old course down past the gypos and into Saltram Park, just who was that cooking bacon butties half way up?!!?? Cruel, very cruel!

It was just at the top of the park that Nick, the 1.30 pacer, cruised past with what I thought was a small pack, had he dropped most of them as I thought I was on target!?

Half way, and yep, bang on for just under 1.30 but the wheels started to come off a bit and lost a bit of concentration, I could just see Sarah Kenworthy from Hayle in front, this got my concentration back, I popped another ibuprofen and off I chased, trying to ignore the ?stinging? hamstring.

As we came to the ?turn around? under the by pass there was Mrs Make-Up running down the other side! Running well! Bloody chicked again!

I managed to catch Sarah at about 10, but she still managed to beat me on chip time! I couldn?t see anyone else I knew so really had to man up for the last 3 ? thanks for the shout from Jess Turton and Matt Searl from Plymouth tri on that last hill ? it?s not any easier that hill, actually harder, as now there is no one looking over the railings above you giving encouragement ? please put the after finish area back there Plymouth

Coming in to the last half mile, 1.30 was a goner, and it was just a matter of trying to not drop any places ?

Crossing the line you are handed a nice medal, smart T shirt, bottle of water and ushered to the ?athletes village? and bag collection area, now on the opposite side of the finish.

There was Mrs Make-Up, thanks for reminding me I had been chicked! Knee’s better then?!

On entering I was handed a bag and separately a packet of mints!?!? Was my breath a bit stinky?! Who knows what that was about!? ? then, what this, another bag?! More ?goodies

So all in all we got;

Good T Shirt, Great Medal, a flattened cheese and bacon pasty thing, carton of OJ, Go bar, GO drink, 2 chewy bars, very small orange, apple, free samples of male and female moisturiser and some of those dam flaxseed things you scatter over your porridge and, wait for it………….half a biscuit?!?!? completely crushed – come on guys, taking the mick or what?! ? on the up side tho, NO CRANBERRY SAUCE

Within minutes of collecting my bag, the mobile went off with a text 1.31.26, not bad for a cripple!

We waited for all our MBH finishers, some more pleased and looking fresher than others, but we all agreed it?s still a great day out and nice race to be part of, even if it is a bit pricey! Thanks to all the marshals, supporters and organisers.

Funny bit of the day was Nige, which was great to see him back racing again, getting changed ? he decided to use his Gillet as a changing towel, right in the middle of the athletes village?!? Little did he know the arm hole perfectly lined up with his lily white ass!! Giving everyone a full moon! Well done Nige!

Back to the bus and we hit the road, mood was up beat as many had actually got PBs ? or was it because we were all out later for a few bevvies and taking over the local Indian!

MBH Results below (chip time)
Phil Sanger 01:24:51
Andrew Hickson 01:27:27
Ian Matthews 01:31:26
Nigel Sims 01:33:25
Karen McClay 01:38:51
Paul Angove 01:42:03
Peter Simms 01:43:00
Clive Hibbert 01:45:45
Kate Newby 01:47:30
Philip McNevin 01:48:10
Thea Barlow 01:51:35
Yvonne Turner 01:51:02
Zoe Cocksedge 01:52:51
Tammy Rosewall 01:52:59
Nicola Kewn 01:55:18
Jeremy Kewn 01:55:21
David Barlow 01:57:05
David Marston 01:58:56
Mark Squire 02:03:32
Joanne Clarke 02:04:07
Helen Squire 02:14:14
Evelyn Lay 02:19:06
Daniel Lugg 02:25:49

Full results HERE

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