Tywardreath Trotter – 24th July 2010

Well I did two laps of Par before I found the right turning towards Tywardreath, and?as I got there the weather took a turn for the worse and a heavy drizzle moved in, but I reckon its always like that up St. Austell way! I had no idea what this was going to be like, and like this morning I decided to take it easy as I’m still carrying an injury. My wing man turned up – good old Tresidder put a smile on my face as she told me how much she hated me for entering her into this race.

Oh well!

Quite a few who competed in the tri were here for this race as well. Yvonne and Graham were supposed to be here, but didn’t make it due to car problems which was a shame as I know how much they were looking forward to this run! So it was down to me and Goose to wave the flag for MBH.

The race was about 6.7miles (I made it) of multi terrain and the profile looked scary. Rachel kept giving me evil looks even at the start which she flew off at as I bumbled my way behind. We ran through a small housing estate before we hit a steep down hill footpath on which I pushed and shoved my way through the St.Austell lot until we were running along a small river. Lots of good support from the marshals who were soaking wet in all that drizzle.

After the stream we dropped on to a stony bridle way and on to the first hill which wasn’t too bad I thought and I managed to catch up Rachel and Sharon Dawes.? Thank God there was water stop at the top -?although it was very damp and misty it was also flipping hot so I had bit of walk and yarn with some chap about his gammy knee and my gammy foot before we started running again down the other side of the hill, which I flew down and nearly decapitated myself on the tree growing over the path. Somehow I managed to catch up Rachel just before we looped back along the river and towards the second hill.

I was now up with Sharon Dawes, Doug Alsop and some other young chap. This was by far the worst hill I’ve ever run up let alone in a race, and?just as we thought we were getting to the top, the road turned and carried on going up. It did this a further 3 times so head down high elbows and push,? just had to grin and bear it with lots of cursing.??Although I was dizzy when I got to the top,? i’d?taken all 3 of them on the hill and now had to hold them off as we ran through lots of kissing gates and fields back to the start/finish. Luckily for me there was plenty of down hills so I managed to get some distance on them and was glad to see the finish!

Again somehow I managed to come 21st over all in 49.36 over a truly hard 7 miles. Rachel came in 27th, 3rd lady overall in a time of 50.32 and said this was 10 times harder than the Mag 7 and she would never do it again. As she collected her price a large packet of sausages for all her hard work, I got even more evil looks!

I really enjoyed this nasty, nasty hard race, and we all got a T-shirt again. No?GP pressure -?it was a good laugh lots of people who we knew even Hayle had a presence there and the Burgers were lovely although expensive! Lots of photos on? Hayle’s site and on Facebook of both events if anyone fancies a look.


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