Virgin London Marathon Ballot 2012

The 2012 London Marathon Ballot results are out and a letter of either rejection or acceptance will drop through your door probably today.

If you have been successful and wish to join us (the MBH Road trip) we leave on Friday 20 April from Penzance train station at 8.44am. We are staying at Covent Garden Travelodge and returning on Monday 23 April from Paddington at 10.06 ? If you have been successful I would advise booking your accommodation as soon as possible as availability will decrease and prices will rise!

If you are an MBH Member and have been unsuccessful you may still stand a chance!!

The club has 3 Virgin London Marathon club places which are available for the draw.

If you have been a continuous member of the club for at least a year and have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place in this years race and still wish to run, bring your rejection letter to the all weather football pitch, Mounts Bay School at 7pm on Thursday 3rd November and your details will be entered in our draw. We have made it a proviso this year that should you be successful in obtaining one of these club places and are unable to run ? the place will be passed down to the 1st reserve drawn out on the night.

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