West Cornwall Middle Distance Tri – Saturday 22nd May

Another good day for the Bay in Scorchio conditions.

in we go

Swim was the usual bunfight, but I managed to stay out of trouble most of the time. One beefy article seemed almost magnetically attracted to me and kept trying to knock my block off until I put on a spurt and found some clear water. Sighting is often my downfall in open water, but not this time thankfully. I exited the water after what felt like more than 2k, in just over 37 mins. Brooksy and the lads were waiting on the beach, shouting encouragement – thanks guys.

Where's them powerboats?
Bright innit?Not arf!

Bike course had changed due to roadworks near Lands End and some cheeky headwinds along the North Coast road and the section from Newtown Roundabout down to Hilltop Garage near Helston led some to indulge in the shameful practice of wheelsucking – poor show! Ian popped up in a few places along the route with more shouts of encouragement

Right then... pub?DonScott

Run was a heartbreaker with two loops of lumps including the ridiculous Virgin Hill. One lad just ahead of me on the second loop cracked and walked back downhill, clearly having had enough of our Cornish Hills. Luckily there were a few shady spots along the route to escape the worst of the merciless midday sun, so I managed to keep cool(ish) in between the drinks stations.


MBH Finishing times are below with full Swim\Bike\Run splits in the link for stats fans!

Amusing postscript: A computer howler resulted in me being awarded the 2nd Male Vet 50 prize, which I returned (after flashing it about a bit!). Maybe i’ll get some legitimate V50 swag in a couple of years time… :(

Don “AikenDrum” H

Status Pos Overall Bib Competitor Category Club Finish

4 169 Kyle KEAREY Sen Mounts Bay Harriers 04:43:43
19 177 Scott MARKHAM V40 Mounts Bay Harriers 05:07:18
24 160 Don HUTCHISON V40 Mounts Bay Harriers 05:11:01
30 228 Mark WORLEDGE V40 Mounts Bay Harriers 05:17:28
61 217 James TAYLOR Sen Mounts Bay Harriers 05:37:44
88 164 Miles JOHANSEN Sen Mounts Bay Harriers 06:13:27

Full Results HERE

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