What the hell!!!

Picking up my copy of the local rag this morning ‘The Cornishman’ I thought, well we’re bound to get some coverage this week, with reports gone in about The Plymouth half, Dons Dartmoor and the St. Ives Bay Tri – so what do we get…..a full bloody page of mostly Cornwall AC, shared with Hayle – not a mention of MBH re The Plymouth Half – no mention at all of The St Ives Tri and Dons great achievement – BEING THE FIRST FINISHER FROM A CORNISH CLUB! – just a little piece on the back of one of the pages – What is going on!!!! I think a mass assault is called for………. 

Plan – all write up a Cubert and Helston report – I’ll give out some e mail addresses and we’ll see what happens?!!!


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