Zennor recce by Geoff L and Mark O

In preparation for the annual New Year’s day ZENNOR BEAST, and as the course has been changed so as to keep it more off road, Mark and myself decided to check it out beforehand.

We went over the first stile to start the main climb and had only taken about 20 paces when I heard Mark wittering behind me something about “This path looks as if its already given waaaayyyyeeee!”

I looked behind and found, to my mirth, that he had fallen off a tussock and into the mire. Sorry Mark, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Needless to say the going is testing in places.

The first 2 miles is the most challenging, what with a very steep incline and then about half a mile of thigh high (depending how tall you are) gorse. This gorsey part is difficult as it also becomes very close together, muddy under foot and narrow. If the sun is out it will be low in the sky making visibility difficult, but on the plus side the prevailing wind should be behind you at this point… and it gets a whole lot easier after this.

I plodded on through all this and could hear Mark still chatting away behind me however getting fainter and fainter. I stopped at Zennor Quoit and had a look behind. Where the hell was he? Ah there he was, a speck amongst the gorse tiptoing his way through it all.

I patiently waited for him expecting his excuse to be the gorse and the sun in his eyes, but funnily enough his excuse was the gorse and his hair in his eyes!!

But anyway, don’t be put off, it’s a fantastic route, spectacular scenery, full of history and a real hangover killer.

The last 2 miles is through flat ancient field paths off road to Zennor and hair of the dog or whatever in the Tinners Arms.

See you there – 11am start New Years Day

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